Build an Audience & Launch Your Art Without Relying on Traditional Galleries and Gatekeepers. 

Join Mary Gilkerson's 12-week program and learn the 3 key systems for succeeding as a thriving artist in today's online art market. 

The Painter's Path

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Hey, I'm Mary Bentz Gilkerson. And I've cracked the code to growing a THRIVING studio practice and business. 

Now I'm on a mission to show other artists what's possible...

That there is another way...

Without getting into a gallery, moving to New York, painting to the market, or using sleazy marketing and sales tactics.

That way is The Painter's Path.

Mary at museum

The Painter's Path - Enrollment is currently CLOSED!

Here's What Students Have To Say:

"When I first met Mary, I was just transitioning to be a full-time artist with no idea how to turn a painting practice into a business. I'd also hit a wall with my skills and wanted to learn observational painting and how to create rich, harmonious colors. Her courses allowed me to quickly expand my painting skills and navigate presenting myself and connecting with an audience online. I narrowed my focus, came up with short and long-term goals, and consistently take steps towards them.  

Mary's Painter's Path program is extremely well-rounded. It not only helps artists improve their painting skills, but also gives step-by-step instruction in turning an art practice into a business. Answering questions through face-to-face calls makes a huge difference in moving past blocks. Mary encourages each artist to find the path that fits them individually – her modules on mindset dive deep into this. Her invaluable experience and knowledge span many areas of art. She simplifies complex processes into manageable steps built just for artists and truly wants to see artists thrive in doing what they love.  

Mary's guidance has improved my confidence as an artist and her encouragement has led me to put myself out there in new ways. I'm now building my art business in a consistent way and gradually seeing plans come to life. My paintings have improved, I've had lots of positive feedback and I'm developing a social media presence. Lastly, Mary's push for balancing art, work and life has been extremely helpful, and something I needed." -Theresa

"When I discovered Mary and her courses, I had just started painting seriously again after 40 years of not producing anything except for holiday sketches. I worked mainly in watercolor and wanted to loosen my style as I felt it was too tight, especially when it came to my landscapes. After looking into Mary and her approach to landscapes, I felt it aligned with the direction I wanted to go in.

With Mary’s online course format, I was able to work in my own time and refer back to the material whenever I needed. The direct contact to Mary during the weekly Q&A sessions was also very helpful. Mary’s teaching style is very direct and she teaches by example, which reinforces learning new skills. After taking Mary’s courses, I no longer wait for inspiration, I just get it done; both the artistic and business side of my practice.

Currently I work a fulltime job running my own design and construction business, but I plan to stop in the next year to commence a second career as a painter. Ultimately I will continue to grow my online sales of paintings both locally and internationally and fully intend to exhibit at the prestigious London Royal Institute shows. These are all things I would never have aspired to before I worked with Mary." -Jim